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Paragliding: The Beginners Guide
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This is the essential paragliding training guide. - Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide is the one book you need to help you learn to paraglide. It contains everything you need to know to take you from your first flight to becoming a qualified pilot and beyond. - Clear writing, photos and illustrations make the concepts easy to grasp. From how turbulence can form behind hills and terrain, to how you can use thermals to climb up thousands of feet in the sky. - The book has everything you need to know to take you from your first thrilling, ground-skimming flights to becoming a qualified pilot and beyond – from soaring hills to flying over stunning mountain peaks. - Paraglider pilot training across the world follows the same basic principles, and this book follows the broad teaching curricula of the BHPA (UK), USHPA (USA) and other national paragliding organisations, including Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. So it’s suitable for pilots worldwide.

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