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Flying Rags for Glory - The A to Z of Competition Paragliding
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Flying Rags for Glory: an A-Z of Competition Paragliding covers everything you need to know to be not only a competitor but a top drawer one at that.

Starting with the very basic subjects like gear choice and understanding your instruments, this book moves on through task types, turnpoints, scoring systems to the techniques needed to do well in competitive paragliding.

Subjects like fear and flying style are tactfully handled with bluntly honest advice such as 'Let's face it, flying floppy aircraft like paragliders around very active skies can be pretty frightening!' and, 'Pimping: this tactic is not going to make you any friends.'

Mads even bravely tackles subjects like cheating; not advising you how to do it, but highlighting some of the ridiculous things people have done to gain unfair advantage in competitions.

If you have any interest in competitions then this is a unique gem of a book, whether you are in your first season or your fifth. Mads's wealth of experience shines through on every page leaving you informed, inspired and ready to get out there and fly some tasks.

Even if you're not that interested in competitions, there's still plenty of great information on flying fast, choosing the right lines, climbing well and generally going a long way.

The book finishes with an extensive, informative and often amusing historical section on competition paragliding. If you were there you'll love it, if you weren't, then there's still enough in this section to make you chuckle at just how far we've come since the late 80s and the joys of pink Lycra flying suits and the Firebird Ninja!

Nearly 200 pages long and 20.5 cm x 20.5 cm in dimension, Flying Rags for Glory is a worthy addition to every serious paraglider pilot's bookshelf.

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