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Powered Paragliding Bible 5 - Fifth Edition
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Newly updated in January 2108, this book is the ultimate reference source for all paramotor and powered paraglider pilots. Author Jeff Goin is one of the most respected names in the sport. Edition 5 is the clearest, most reviewed revision to date. The new version features: New or revised content that reflects current technology and training methods Numerous diagrams to help make sense of complicated concepts and introduce some new ones Explanations on everything from the engine to aerodynamics – in a concise way that encourages understanding Better information on traveling with paramotor gear Zero jargon or wordiness – it keeps the sport simple The 310 pages of clear and concise advice on everything the paramotor pilot will need to know to fly safely, including: Launch and landing secrets What’s risky and how to avoid it Practical weather knowledge Airspace knowledge How to select equipment Maintenance tips Interesting things to do Precision Flying Winning competitions Fully illustrated with full colour photography throughout

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