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Cross Country Flying for Paraglider and Hang Glider Pilots
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The very latest in cross country flying techniques from Burkhard Martens, author of the international best-seller Thermal Flying.

Published in May 2013 Cross Country Flying includes chapters and information on:

    Pre-flight planning, route-planning and how to use technology to maximise your flight
    Online contest rules and tactics
    Cross country for novices
    Weather, thermalling and understanding best glide
    Understanding best glide and McReady
    Need to know essentials: best time to launch, inversions, convergence, crossing valleys, dolphin-flying, tactics, valley winds and more
    How to fly the mountains
    A special chapter on flatland flying
    In-depth interviews with experts, including Chrigel Maurer, Jocky Sanderson, Ewa Wisnierska and more

Cross Country Flying also includes detailed information on how to fly some of the best XC sites in the Alps, including:

    Fiesch and the Wallis Valley
    Fanas in Switzerland
    Pinzgau in Austria
    Speikboden in Italy
    Greifenburg in Austria
    Annecy in France

A third section includes in-depth interviews with some of the world's most experienced pilots

    Chrigel Maurer
    Jocky Sanderson
    Torsten Hahne
    Mads Syndergaard
    Karel Vejchodsky
    Helmut Eichholzer
    Ewa Wisnierska

A fourth section includes photo essays on these international flying sites

    Quixada, Brazil
    Manilla, Australia
    Iquique, Chile
    De Aar, South Africa
    Rift Valley, Kenya
    Piedrahita, Spain

The book is hardback, has more than 500 illustrations and is 242 pages long.

Cross Country Flying is aimed at pilots who can already thermal and want to progress on to flying XC, as well as those pilots who already fly XC but want to know more and get better. It features a wealth of information, all of which is aimed at making you a better, more informed pilot, capable of flying further and longer than ever before.

Illustrated throughout with full-page photographs and easy-to-understand simple diagrams, the book is an ideal companion to Thermal Flying, and is a must-have for any pilot serious about learning to fly XC and go far.


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